Homepage Double Sidebar Added!

Finally figured out how to add another sidebar to the homepage! Turns out to be pretty easy, just had to create a new sidebar2.php file and call a php include on the home.php page. Learned some neat things about how the sidebar works as well as how to generate links. Also discovered how the page and page templates work.
Next up:

  • Fix the issue to page hierarchy – pages only show subpages and do not show nested pages properly. may need to write another function to do this or find a plugin. Other solution is just to create another page template…Resolved – Will just keep rule that no pages shall have third level navs for now!
  • Place links into my new sidebar2 and figure out how to use digg.com to automatically post to my blog Done!
  • Customize the blog description on the homepageDone – I hope ashley likes it!
  • Place a video plugin so that i can show videos on the blogDone – test video works but my own video doesn’t…
  • Change the Glued Ideas Theme Descriptions to my own so that it doesn’t get mixed up amongst all the other themes, maybe even clean out some of the junk themes as well. Done!
  • Get a better WYSIWYG editor for WordPress- this editor sucks! – Done – But we’ll se if this is that much better…