Facelift Underway!

I have been surfing around the world of WordPress Themes and finally decided to stick with the Glued Ideas Subtle Theme.  Now it’s time to customize it!  Updates thus far:

  • Created my own header graphic and removed the default darkening gradient effect (pretty cool, would like to figure out how Glued Ideas did this.
  • Updated the font size and colors of the top menu
  • Updated the color of the blog title
  • Added content for the right side banner box

My second post

I have been looking around this current theme and figuring out if it will work with what I have in mind. It really is amazing what WordPress has allowed people to do. In many ways, this is FREE and very customizable CMS application.

This post should help fill up the blog with some initial content and some new pics as soon I as figure out how to do it…

Current Theme from Glued Ideas...Here is a screenshot of the theme. Thanks to Glued Ideas for creating nice design with some very cool options. I love the green hues and the transparency effects on the navigation. I will have to customize it and might butcher it in the beginning but this is probably the best one I have found out there!