Blog or not to Blog

My blog posts have been so delayed! Not sure I can make up for it but sometimes with all these smartphone taking pictures, cloud photo sharing apps and the ability to print our photo books it’s hard to keep up with our little family blog. I feel like I am duplicating efforts. I am also feeling like in a time when data privacy is such a concern I should lock down the blog and have it be password protected.

Whatever way I go, I feel that with all this technology there is still no good way to keep a good journal of my life and that of my family. So many things happen every week and month that I am so worried I will forget them. I fear that Emery will grow up and forget all the cute things she said and the way she acted. We have photos and videos but sometimes good editorial is still better. It’s like the cliche the boom was better than the movie.

Well, I’ll keep going and documenting for now! I do wish I could figure out a way to post videos. Apple iPhone photos has this incredible “memories” feature which comes out with a compiled home video using the photos and videos from a recent trip. The video is making and I almost feel like someone took the time to make it.

Emery is #1

Yesterday, Emery had her 4th gymnastics meet. Emery is part of the recreational team at Atlanta North Star Gymnastics. This season she is in level 2. Emery had 4 events to compete in. To all of our surprise, Emery did amazing and got 1st place in the overall. We are so proud of her. Emery told us after her very first meet that she wants to get 1st place. Now she has.

After the meet Emery was so happy with herself and she said next time she wants to do even better.

Here is how she did.

Vault – 3rd

Bars – 1st

Beam – 8th

Floor – 6th

Overall – 1st

Bean gets a white coat

We are sitting here at the BU Dental white coat ceremony. The key note is going on right now. The weather is beautiful and we are all dressed nice. Eugene is halfway to the DMD. Even Eugene’s girl friend is here to join in the ceremony.

Boston Trip Day 1

Emery and I went to Boston to attend Eugene’s White Coat Ceremony. We arrived yesterday and had a full day today to sight see. We’ve never been to Plymouth Plantation before and this time we went. It was a great site. We spent almost 4 hours there.

We had a big breakfast before.

At Plymouth Plantation

This is what the same street in Plymouth looks like now:

Then we went to Plymouth Rock. Plymouth was founded in 1620 and was one of the earliest most well documented towns. Thanks the writings by William Bradford. We actually met the man acting as William Bradford at Plymouth Plantation. Coincidentally, when I was a kid I lived in a town called Bradford which was named after him.

Emery has cavities

Emery had 5 cavities in her recent dental visit. This means, using that big novocaine needle. She was a really brave girl though and she had a big needle in her mouth two times this past week without so much as shedding a tear. What a brave girl. She was just upset because her fave would feel really funny and she felt like her cheek got drops after. She was also really concerned she could eat her lunch.

This just makes me smile at at how brave yet how innocent Emery is.